Frequently Asked Questions

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Private markets are opaque, inefficient, and accessible only by a select few. Antiquated and network-driven methods leave misalignment of incentives between capital sources and dealmakers.

Our investment offering is unique as each deal is approved by best in class institutional investors who are investing specifically into a given opportunity. We are building a global community of likeminded and passionate deal makers. Access to deal flow, education, and
networks, regardless of where you comefrom. It is about the ambition, not wealth and status. All our deals have an ESG component to ensure responsible investing.

Alternative asset investing is a huge market. Commercial real estate alone comprises $27 trillion worldwide, yet alternative assets are extremely inaccessible, previously being available only to institutions and the super rich.

Real estate is the world's most consistently perfoming asset class and one of the world's most significant wealth generators. Further, real assets have a low correlation with publicly traded instruments, that are often skittish and unpredictable in nature

Direct deals offer more efficent cost structures as well as isolated returns, unaffected by the cross-collateralisation witnessed in pooled vehicles